Salaries made transparent.

What if companies were completely transparent about how they pay their employees? Don't wait. The Salary Project is a platform for peers to anonymously share and compare salary data.

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Crowdsourced salary data that's actually useful

Search for a title or company, and you'll see compensation data and visualizations that can help you ask for a raise, or consider a job offer (you go, you!). We also care about pay equality, so we conduct and share our research on the gender, ethnicity, experience data that we collect.

Your privacy first. Always.

All submissions are completely anonymous: no email address required. To further protect the anonymity of our users, diversity information like gender and ethnicity breakdowns are never displayed at a company-title-level or individual-level.

Why our mission matters

Itโ€™s not just about the dollar bills

Advocate for yourself

Employees should have the data they need to advocate for themselves and start a discussion about their value to the company.

Achieve parity

Companies canโ€™t solve diversity and gender pay gap problems without transparency and bringing those issues into the open. That's where our data can help.

Work better

Transparency creates cultures of of openness and trust, where everyone's on the same team. We can all be a part of this change in how companies are run.